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construction Material: Plywood and Iroko
length o.a: 7.20 m
breadth extreme: 2.60 m
draft: 0.95 m
hull type: Pleasure Motor wooden boat
maximum speed:  knot
cruising speed:  knot
fuel tank capacity:
freshwater tank capacity:
sewage tank capacity:
engines: Yamaha F200 GETX-A 2017 200HP
no. of persons
: 7



The Riva Aquarama is a luxury wooden runabout built by Italian yacht builder Riva. Production of it and its derivatives (the Lungo, Super, and Special) ran from 1962 until 1996. The hull was based on the Riva Tritone, an earlier model speedboat by Riva, which in turn was inspired by the American mahogany Chris-Craft runabouts. The boat's speed, beauty, and craftsmanship earned it praise as the Ferrari of the boat world. The company was founded by Pietro Riva in 1842, and run by Carlo Riva through its 1969 sale to the American Whittaker Corporation.

ref. from wikipedia

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